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Always Wear Sunscreen   Leave a comment

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Often when I’m doing my morning walk, I listen to my iTunes library on shuffle. The other morning a song came up
that I had not heard in a long time; in fact, I had forgotten I even had it — Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen).
The words for this song came from an essay written as a hypothetical commencement speech by columnist Mary Schmich,
originally published in June 1997 in the Chicago Tribune
The essay became the basis for a successful spoken word song released in 1999 by Baz Luhrmann

“Ugh, I don’t wear sunscreen. I don’t need it.⁠

(Gulps, takes deep breath). Listen to me carefully: everyone, every skin color, every tone, every ethnicity,
and almost every age — needs sunscreen. You need it for two reasons: first, because it prevents skin cancer,
and second, because it prevents premature aging.⁠

If you’re wearing a mask, brushing your teeth, taking care of yourself — you gotta add in sunscreen.” (NPR)

I haven’t always listened to this advice. Over the last decade, I have begun to experience the result of too much sun
without using sunscreen. In trying to make up for lost time, I see a 
dermatologist twice a year. I have had several skin cancers,
all squamous cell carcinoma, all treatable.

Standing With Giants   4 comments

Standing with Gaints-2 blogKenne Turner, David W. Lazaroff, Steve Plevel, and Bob Barnacastle

Yesterday I was honored to be MC at the graduation event for sixteen new naturalists, which included recognizing the founders of the Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists (SCVN), David W. Lazaroff, Steve Plevel and Bob Barnacastle. In 1977 these guys began formulating what became SCVN. It was a pleasure to stand along side of such giants in our organization.Their continuing support is a reflection of the quality of SCVN.

Big THANKS to all who made yesterday’s event a great success.



Naturalists, Class of 2011 — “Be That Little Breath of Wind”   3 comments

Mentor, Ned Harris and Kenne — Image by joy

Completion of the 2011 Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists (SCVN) Training was celebrated yesterday by naturalists and graduates at the Udall Center in Tucson. This annual event recognizes the new graduates and welcome them into the community of naturalists who are specially trained to interpret the natural history of the Sonoran Desert and the riparian area surrounding Sabino Creek. After being welcomed by SCVN Training Class Coordinator, Bill Kaufman, President, Dan Granger and Vice President of Elementary, Judi Pelster, Stan Helin, District Ranger, Catalina District was the guest speaker.  His charge to the Class of 2011 was:

“ . . . you be that little breath of wind that catches them;
and you be that sparkle of sunlight that stops them;
you be what they remember as a threshold moment as they move into adulthood.”

(The posted video contain a few clips from his presentation.)

Following Stan’s talk, Beryl Varno, Class of 2011, spoke for the class, delivering the following poem:
(Read to the song, “Nearness of You”, by Hoagy Carmichael.)

It’s not the Gneiss rocks that excite me
Nor the fault lines that entice me
Oh no…it’s just SCVN and it’s you

It’s not Predacious Diving Beetles in shallow pools
or the larva of mosquitoes, nymphs, or the gold of fools
Oh no…it’s more the Nature of school

When we wear our vests the Canyon is ours to share
And Sabino is in our care
As her stewards may we always be true

It’s not the lightning or the thunder
when it rains that fills me with wonder
Oh no….it’s evapotransporation and it’s you

It’s not the orientation of the spines or the needles
or the warning coloration of the beetles
oh no….it’s more the dedication of you

When we wander the trails with children so close to us
In the canyon we’re building trust 
In their eyes you can see this is true

It’s not the gobs of information
or the homework mixed with mild frustration
oh no…..I think I speak for me and for you

It’s not the Gneiss rocks that excite me
Nor the fault lines that entice me
Oh no……it’s the dedication of you

— Beryl Varno


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Matt’s Graduation   1 comment

Katie and Mathew Bailey — Image by kenne

This weekend we flew to Denver and drove an hour up to Ft. Collins to attend Matt’s graduation from Colorado State University and spend time with family.


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