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Gneiss Banding Metamorphic Rock   1 comment

7 Falls Oct 2013-8249 blogGneiss Banding Metamorphic Rock Common To The Santa Catalina Mountains — Image by kenne

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Naturalists, Class of 2011 — “Be That Little Breath of Wind”   3 comments

Mentor, Ned Harris and Kenne — Image by joy

Completion of the 2011 Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists (SCVN) Training was celebrated yesterday by naturalists and graduates at the Udall Center in Tucson. This annual event recognizes the new graduates and welcome them into the community of naturalists who are specially trained to interpret the natural history of the Sonoran Desert and the riparian area surrounding Sabino Creek. After being welcomed by SCVN Training Class Coordinator, Bill Kaufman, President, Dan Granger and Vice President of Elementary, Judi Pelster, Stan Helin, District Ranger, Catalina District was the guest speaker.  His charge to the Class of 2011 was:

“ . . . you be that little breath of wind that catches them;
and you be that sparkle of sunlight that stops them;
you be what they remember as a threshold moment as they move into adulthood.”

(The posted video contain a few clips from his presentation.)

Following Stan’s talk, Beryl Varno, Class of 2011, spoke for the class, delivering the following poem:
(Read to the song, “Nearness of You”, by Hoagy Carmichael.)

It’s not the Gneiss rocks that excite me
Nor the fault lines that entice me
Oh no…it’s just SCVN and it’s you

It’s not Predacious Diving Beetles in shallow pools
or the larva of mosquitoes, nymphs, or the gold of fools
Oh no…it’s more the Nature of school

When we wear our vests the Canyon is ours to share
And Sabino is in our care
As her stewards may we always be true

It’s not the lightning or the thunder
when it rains that fills me with wonder
Oh no….it’s evapotransporation and it’s you

It’s not the orientation of the spines or the needles
or the warning coloration of the beetles
oh no….it’s more the dedication of you

When we wander the trails with children so close to us
In the canyon we’re building trust 
In their eyes you can see this is true

It’s not the gobs of information
or the homework mixed with mild frustration
oh no…..I think I speak for me and for you

It’s not the Gneiss rocks that excite me
Nor the fault lines that entice me
Oh no……it’s the dedication of you

— Beryl Varno


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Images by kenne

Gneiss Walk   1 comment

Gneiss Walk in Rattlesnake Canyon — Images by kenne

Last week, SCVN Bruce Garrett conducted his inaugural “Gneiss Walk” in Sabino Canyon. Bruce, a retired geologist, will be leading the walk each week on the geology of Sabino Canyon. This walk is one of the best “focus walks” in the canyon, and knowing Bruce, it will continue to get better each week. I look forward to learning a lot from Bruce. The “Gneiss Walk” is a real nice walk!


(Click here for a Flickr “Gneiss Walk” slideshow.)

(Gneiss is a common and widely distributed type of rock formed by high-grade regional metamorphic processes from pre-existing formations that were originally either igneous orsedimentary rocks.)

(Image on the left — Bruce Garrett. Image on the right — Kenne, Bryna & Bruce)

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Turpentine (Bush) On The Rocks   Leave a comment

The fall flowers of the Turpentine Bush growing on Gneiss rocks. The rocks of the Santa Catalina Mountains are primarily granite and hard, banded, metamorphic Catalina gneiss. — Image by kenne

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