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Vulture Universe   2 comments

Turkey Vultures“Vulture Universe” — kenne

This time of year turkey vultures are migrating north from Mexico and Central America. Each year one of their nightly stopovers is in trees near the Tanque Verde Wash, close by our home in Tanuri Ridge. I photographed this vulture early one morning with an almost white background. The big birds are often associated with death and darkness and not the important function they play in the removal of the dead animals therefore being very resourceful. A more appropriate symbol for this bird is renewal — a transformation from the dead to the living. These are just a few symbols I took into consideration creating the “Vulture Universe” computer painting.

— kenne



Live Oak Acorn   4 comments

Acorn (1 of 1)-3 grunge art blogLive Oak Acorn — Grunge Art By kenne

The acorn is so rich in symbolism. For some, it represents knowledge, the knowledge of growing and harvesting food, which encompasses the knowledge of sustainability. By using the acorn as a fetish whereby one can focus on nature, developing a better understanding of nature and life.

From mythology to psychologist James Hillman’s “acorn theory” much is written on the power of the acorn. Hillman believes that every individual holds his or her potential inside himself or herself from birth, just as the acorn already holds the pattern for the oak tree. We are able to actualize our inner energy through the choices and actions we take much like an acorn turns into a mighty oak tree.

Whether his theory is correct or not, what a perfect time, as we begin the year 2016 to look inside at the images of our inner soul and begin to explore rather than explain what we see. By doing so, we will be better able to take on life’s new challenges.



Tear Drops Keep Falling   2 comments

White Rose (1 of 1) blogTear Drops Keep Falling — Image by kenne

Tear Drops Keep Falling

After saying our farewells

Keeping it private.

— kenne

Turner’s Notes

“In a world ruled by photographic images, all borders (“framing”) seem arbitrary.
Anything can be separated, can be made discontinuous from anything else:
all that is necessary is to frame the subject differently.”

— Susan Sontag

What Is There Not To Like About The Olive Tree?   3 comments

Olives (1 of 1) blogOlives — Image by kenne

The Olive Tree

What is there not to like about the olive tree?

It’s oil

It’s color

It’s shape

It’s beauty

It’s history

It’s toughness

It’s usefulness

It’s hard wood

It’s fascination

It’s symbolism —

 peace, abundance, the Holy Spirit

What is there not to like about the olive tree?

— kenne


Symbolic Irony — Romney Fades Away   1 comment

Skywriting Over Tucson, Arizona Eleven Days Before The Election. — Image by kenne

Writings in the sky

For a wannabe president

Fades, pre getting job.


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