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Capturing The Moment — Desert Marigold In January   6 comments

Ned's Nature Walk-9763 Desert Marigold blogDesert Marigold Blooming Early In The Desert (January 29, 2014) — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Honey Bee And Fairy Duster   Leave a comment

Flower Creaso-9689 blog framed

Flower Creaso-9690 blog framedHoney Bee & Fairy Duster — Images by kenne

In The Arms Of Another — Plants Can Grow In The Strangest Places   2 comments

Beyond Tucson Event-9488 blog

Beyond Tucson Event-9485 blogA Prickly Pear Cactus Growing on a Giant Saguaro in Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

Plants have been known to grow in some of the strangest places. Many people may thank of plants out-of-place (whatever that is) as a weed. But, when you think about it, plants don’t have the option of moving to a better place — it’s make the best of it, or perish!

Obviously, this prickly pear cactus is trying to make the best of being in the arms of a giant saguaro cactus. So far, the conditions have been right — may the force of nature be with you.


Strength Of The White Rose   8 comments

Thanksgiving 2013-9008 framed blogWhite Rose — Image by kenne

Daylight comes later.

Picked-up the morning paper.

Went running.

The usual walkers were out before light.

The hill slowed my run.

I will forget the pain when I finish –

It’s always that way.

The first freeze is forecasted for Friday.

Say goodbye to the bougainvilleas.

Their fall color will be missed.

Knowing that they will return consoles.

Come Saturday, the white rose will still blossom.

Signifying courage through the long winter night.

A symbol of the poets struggle.

They will not be silenced.

 — kenne

A Few Wildflowers Still Remain In The Canyon   1 comment

7 Falls Oct 2013-8258 blog

7 Falls Oct 2013-8277 blog

7 Falls Oct 2013-8240 blog“Still Adding Color To The Trail” — Images by kenne



on for tomorrow,

Arizona wildflowers.

— kenne


Capturing The Moment — New and Old   6 comments

Mexican Bird of Paradise-7772 blogBee On Mexican Bird of Paradise — Image by kenne

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Capturing The Moment — Green On Green With Flowering Spikes   1 comment

Sweetwater 9-21-13-8012 green on green blog“Green On Green” — Image by kenne

Long green cattail leaves

Bear stems with flowering spikes

In desert wetlands.


Sweetwater 9-21-13-8002 blogCattails — Image by kenne

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