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The Desert Sky Becomes Nature’s Canvas For The Spring   1 comment

Milagrosa Loop-0743 blog frame

Milagrosa Loop-0745 blog frameWispy Clouds Provide Nature’s Canvas for the Desert Spring — La Milagrosa Ridge — Images by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Desert Mariposa Lily, February 28, 2014   1 comment

Milagrosa Loop-0740 Desert Mariposa Lily blogDesert Mariposa Lily — Images by kenne

Last year in April I had two posts on this beautiful desert flower ( Click on the date to see posting — April 24, 2013, and April 28, 2014). This is the first time I have photographed an orange Mariposa.

It is an understatement to say this is an impressive flower. These two were spotted a couple hundred feet apart on the La Milagrosa Canyon Ridge, February 28, 2014. January and February being two of the warmest months on record in southern Arizona may account for the earlier blooming of this desert lily.


Milagrosa Loop-0741 Desert Mariposa Lilly Blog

View Of Tucson From The La Milagrosa Canyon Trail   Leave a comment

Milagrosa Trail Panorama2 Oil Painting HD blogLa Milagrosa Canyon HD Oil Painting Panorama — Image by kenne

La Milagrosa Ridge Trail Pictographs   3 comments

Hohokam Art (Pictographs) blogFaded Pictographs — Image by kenne

Weather has taken its toll on the these pictographs near a the La Milagrosa Ridge trail in the southeastern foothills of the Santa Catalina mountains. This rock art was most likely created by the Hohokam, those who have before the current Pima people of the Sonoran Desert.



Mayan pictographs 
count down the centuries,
count down the solar years,
count down the lunar months,
the risings of Venus,
the days until the end.     

And then…
the calender resets

 — Claire Rosilda
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