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You Look One Way, I’ll Look The Other   3 comments

You Look One Way, I’ll Look The Other (Northern Mockingbird & Phainopepla) — Image by kenne

“All of us–bright atheists and committed religionists–need to wake now and hear the earth call . . . .
We need to give and receive as love shows us how, join with each pilgrim who quests for the true,
give heed to the voices of the suffering, awaken our consciences with justice as our guide,
and work toward a planet transformed by our care.”

Scotty McLennan

Capturing The Moment — Cooperation   Leave a comment

Widflowers-Honey Bee (1 of 1) art II blog framedLife Is All About Cooperation — Image by kenne

the flower and bee

nature knows how to endure —



learning from nature

can help us save our planet —

do not be stupid


reason to exist

collective unconsciousness —

fulfilling our dreams

— kenne

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