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Pincushion Cactus Fruit   2 comments

Pin Cushion Fruit-72Pincushion (mammillaria) Cactus Fruit — Image by kenne

This small cactus is ubiquitous in Sabino Canyon and can be more easily spotted
this time of year because most ground cover around it has dried up. 

Pincushion cactus
Beautiful blossoms and fruit
To often overlooked.

— kenne


Winter Is The Time To Harvest Barrel Cactus Fruit   3 comments

Saguzro Cactus January 27, 2014-9648-2_art blogBarrel Cactus Fruit — Computer Painting by kenne (Click here to learn about eating barrel cactus fruit.)

“Ah yes, the ancient cactus fruit.”

— Rango

Capturing The Moment — White-Winged Dove Perched On Saguaro Cactus Fruit   7 comments

Sabino Canyon & Sonoran Desert ToadsWhite-Winged Dove Perched On Saguaro Cactus Fruit — Image by kenne

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