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Shelter In The Storm   1 comment

Shelter In The Storm — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Cabin abandoned

Hikers aware of a storm

Seeking some shelter.

— kenne

Tiny Cabin In The Woods   5 comments

Rose Lake July 2013Mountain Cabin — Computer Painting by kenne

Some people want a big house,
a fast car and lots of money.

Some people want a tiny cabin in the woods
away from those kinds of people.

One Man’s Homestead Is Another Man’s Junk   10 comments

Willow Springs Ranch-8226-2 B-W blog

One Man’s Homestead Is Another Man’s Junk

A rushy old cabin,
faded white door.

A privy wanting a door,
no longer answering nature’s call.

Wagons without horses,
wheels stop turning.

No tremors in a creek,
wanting to be water.

Cattle once stood,
near dusty-edged pond.

I photograph,
pondering the past.

A story there,
dead at prose end.

— kenne

Willow Springs Ranch-8226 blog

Willow Springs Ranch-8210 blogImages by kenne


Capturing the Moment — Cat In Mountain Cabin Window   1 comment

“Cat In Mountain Cabin Window” — Image by kenne

Cat In Mountain Cabin Window

Embraced by the morning sun
The cat sits in the window
Watching our every move as
We walk near the small cabin.

Appearing to be along,
She oversees the bird feeder
Mounted outside the window,
A sentry or a predator?


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