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Emerald Pools Trails, Zion National Park   Leave a comment

Emerald Pools Trails — Images by kenne
(Clicked on any of the tiled images for larger view in slideshow format.)

A nice misty hike

Up along the canyon edge,

Emerald pools trail.


Court of the Patriarchs, Zion Canyon   2 comments

Zion (1 of 1)-3 Court of the Patriarchs blogCourt of the Patriarchs, Zion Canyon — Image by kenne

On this cloudy day

we rode the
canyon shuttle
getting off
at each stop

with family
visiting the
park for the
first time.

Concerned the
clouds might
diminish the
canyon’s beauty

soon vanished
as the clouds
began to break up
over the towering

cliffs of Navajo
sandstone that
form the Court
of the Patriarchs.

— kenne

The Lovely Bush Pea   2 comments

Wildflowers (1 of 1)bonnieville pea blogLathyrus Brachycalyx, (Bush Pea) in Zion National Park — Image by kenne

Clouds Over Zion Canyon   1 comment

Zion (1 of 1)-8 blogClouds Over Zion Canyon — Image by kenne

Zion Canyon is the work of water
In concert with the winds that shape the heart.
One sees a grandeur equal to one’s wonder;
Nor can one be, but of such grace a part.”

The Cliffs Of Zion Canyon Panorama   7 comments

Cliffs In Zion Canyon Pamorama (1 of 1)-2 blog“The Cliffs of Zion Canyon” — Panorama by kenne

Zion Canyon cliffs
Towers of sandstone forming
Majestic wonders.

— kenne

The Real Jurassic Park   Leave a comment

Zion (1 of 1)-23 blogZion National Park Towering Cliffs — Image by kenne

The Real Jurassic Park

can be found in the
deposition and preservation

of Navajo Sandstone. Dating
back to the Early Jurassic

situated on one continent
was a vast sand sea. Extreme

winds created towering dunes
of pure quartz sand

dwarfing modern Sahara. Migrating
avalanches over one another

laminating the dune surface
thus becoming more stable.

Changing over time
by climatic cycles

locking stories of time into
Navajo Sandstone and

forming the towering
Zion National Park cliffs.

— kenne

Shared Gaze Of Curiosity   1 comment

Zion (1 of 1)-36 blog

Zion (1 of 1)-35 blogDeer in Zion National Park Near the Zion Human History Museum — Image by kenne

Shared Gaze of Curiosity

Generations of deer
have lived with
generations of humans
in the canyons we call Zion.

No longer prey for humans
the deers of Zion graze
near where natural predators
will not venture.

Many animals seem
to understand the show
providing for an occasional
shared gaze of curiosity.

— kenne

Zion National Park Majestic View Panorama   Leave a comment

Zion Majestic View Ledge(1 of 1)-33 Panorama blogZion National Park Panorama Taken From Our Balcony at Majestic View Lodge (5/20/15) — Image by kenne

I still remember those majestic views
out by the balcony railing
in the shadow of the late afternoon sun
as I captured several moments
before darkness,
waiting for the majestic view
to become an early evening glow
when the world becomes mine.

— kenne

Out On A Limb, Beware Of The Saw   Leave a comment

Zion (1 of 1)-31 blog“Out on a Limb” — Image by kenne

live out on a limb
where the best nectar is found
away from the norm.

my teacher told me
flowers and blossoms will die
beware of the saw.

— kenne

Palmers Penstemon — The Thrill Hasn’t Gone   1 comment

Las Vegas & Zion_2015 05 20_0739_Palmers Penstemon_blogPalmers Penstemon — Image by kenne

The thrill hasn’t gone

it’s just move

to a new place —

I’ve found it,

have you?

Some know 

where it’s at,

some don’t —

easy come

easy go. 

I get all

the love

I need

down a

new path


the passion

remains —

but then,

who am I 

telling you.

— kenne

A Week of Celebrating Life   Leave a comment

Las Vegas & Zion_2015 05 20_0811_Joy & JustonJoy and son Justin, a week of celebrating his 40th birthday in Las Vegas and Zion National Park. — Image by kenne

We drove,

they flew

for a celebration

in Vegas,


in Zion and

a blast-off

to the next 

forty on

Fremont Street.

— kenne

of life

June Road Trip Snapshot Droppings   Leave a comment

June Road Trip Snapshot Droppings — iPhone Images by Joy and Kenne (Click on any of the tiled images to see a larger view in a slideshow format.)

In addion to taking many photos with my Nikon cameras during our June road trip, we took photos with our iPhones, which I just remembered. Here are a few iPhone “Camera Roll” images — each has some Photoshop editing.


When Real Seems Unreal   2 comments

Kenne In Zion National Park (1 of 1) blogKenne In Zion National Park (June 10, 2014) — Image by Joy

Photoshop or not,

Nature is so beautiful

Real seems unreal.


Look for the beauty

You will find it everywhere,

Real or unreal.

— kenne


Zion National Park — “little bit ah dis… little bit ah dat”   Leave a comment


Zion National Park (June 10, 2014) — Images by kenne

Nature’s majestic views cannot be hidden from your eyes.

— kenne

Temples and Towers In A Place Called Zion   3 comments

Temples & Towers Panorama (1 of 1) blogZion National Park, Temples and Towers of the Virgin Panorama (June 10, 2014) — Image by kenne

Temples and towers
Nature’s stairway to heaven
With white angel wings.

In this promise land
A desert sanctuary
Music of waters.

Navajo sandstone
Majestic cliffs of color
Carved by rain fingers.

— kenne

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