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The Best Boss Ever   Leave a comment

My Chancellor, Dr. Joe Airola (09/13/10) 

What made Joe the best boss ever, he didn’t insist on you always agreeing with him.
He once said to me, “Kenne, you know what your problem is, you’re too damn argumentative.”
A characteristic that may have created some enemies, but not with Joe.
He was one of the most self-assured, understanding people I’ve ever known.
We both continued to work together after retirement —
a true friend.


Friendship   2 comments

Friendship (1 of 1) blog“Friendship” (Summit Rock, Sedona, Arizona) — Image by kenne

The only reason I don’t want to die is because

I would never see this country again.

— Georgia O’Keeffe

Two Rock Climbers In Zion National Park   Leave a comment

Rock Climbers blogTwo Rock Climbers in Zion National Park Above Zion Ledge. — Images by kenne

The bird a nest,

the spider a web,

man friendship.

— William Blake

Bee And Thistle — The Symbol Of Friendship   Leave a comment

Bee and Thistle — Image by kenne

May the bee and thistle

be with you

and every colleague

who caries the gift

of good will in his bonnet –

friendship will forever be ours.


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