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Canyon Views Panorama (1 of 1)-B&W-72

Zion Canyon Panorama — B&W Image by kenne

Mighty and dreadful are your tall columns here,

(through soul and love put you in deep shade)

for you outnumber man and outscore even life itself,

and you are roughly tied with God and, strangely, eyes.

— from Unholy Sonnet # 1 by Billy Collins

Zion Lodge Panorama In Zion Canyon   1 comment

zion-lodge-1-of-1-2-panorama-blog-3Zion Lodge Panorama In Zion Canyon, Zion National Park (September 14, 2016) — Images by kenne

My Zion

Stains across an aerie altar, white-streaked red
suspended above my reach, but not my sight.

Perhaps ancient titans sacrificed, honored, bled
now revealed in golden strains of morning light.

My Zion, my refuge
from all it is not.

Oh Zion, my haven
where solace was sought.

Did angels take wing from that lofty perch?
Does the stone truly weep for ages past?

When bygone men for food here did search
in the giant’s throne shadow cast.

This Zion, my friend
please show me how

Oh Zion, my Zion
if only time would allow.

Steps upon crimson sand and stone
as wind, water, eons carve and hew,

I realize my soul was still unknown.
for what was old is now new.

— Terry Tyson


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Zion (1 of 1)-11 art blogZion Canyon, Zion National Park — Computer Painting by kenne

The day is early

Off to see the canyons gods

And color my pages.

— kenne

Court of the Patriarchs, Zion Canyon   2 comments

Zion (1 of 1)-3 Court of the Patriarchs blogCourt of the Patriarchs, Zion Canyon — Image by kenne

On this cloudy day

we rode the
canyon shuttle
getting off
at each stop

with family
visiting the
park for the
first time.

Concerned the
clouds might
diminish the
canyon’s beauty

soon vanished
as the clouds
began to break up
over the towering

cliffs of Navajo
sandstone that
form the Court
of the Patriarchs.

— kenne

Clouds Over Zion Canyon   1 comment

Zion (1 of 1)-8 blogClouds Over Zion Canyon — Image by kenne

Zion Canyon is the work of water
In concert with the winds that shape the heart.
One sees a grandeur equal to one’s wonder;
Nor can one be, but of such grace a part.”

Shared Gaze Of Curiosity   1 comment

Zion (1 of 1)-36 blog

Zion (1 of 1)-35 blogDeer in Zion National Park Near the Zion Human History Museum — Image by kenne

Shared Gaze of Curiosity

Generations of deer
have lived with
generations of humans
in the canyons we call Zion.

No longer prey for humans
the deers of Zion graze
near where natural predators
will not venture.

Many animals seem
to understand the show
providing for an occasional
shared gaze of curiosity.

— kenne

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