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Remero Pools 02-14-14-0064-3 art blogFaded Yellow — Digital Art by kenne 

Faded yellow flowers
Not much to look at.
Gone, leaving only a trace
For bees to fancy
As I scribble this poem
Watching things themselves
Making it hard to tell
When the photo ends
And art begins.

— kenne

Early Signs of Spring Wildflowers   1 comment

Ned's Walk (1 of 1)-4 mustard wildflower blog

Ned's Walk (1 of 1)-5 mustard wildflower blog“Wings Among Yellow Flowers” Mustard Plant WIldflowers In Sabino Canyon, January 21, 2015 — Images by kenne

On the Parable of the Mustard Seed

Who ever saw the mustard-plant,
wayside weed or tended crop,
grow tall as a shrub, let alone a tree, a treeful
of shade and nests and songs?
Acres of yellow,
not a bird of the air in sight.

No, He who knew
the west wind brings
the rain, the south wind
thunder, who walked the field-paths
running His hand along wheatstems to glean
those intimate milky kernels, good
to break on the tongue,

was talking of miracle, the seed
within us, so small
we take it for worthless, a mustard-seed, dust,

Glib generations mistake
the metaphor, not looking at fields and trees,
not noticing paradox. Mountains
remain unmoved.

Faith is rare, He must have been saying,
prodigious, unique—
one infinitesimal grain divided
like loaves and fishes,

as if from a mustard-seed
a great shade-tree grew. That rare,
that strange: the kingdom
a tree. The soul
a bird. A great concourse of birds
at home there, wings among yellow flowers.
The waiting
kingdom of faith, the seed
waiting to be sown.

— Denise Levertov

Yellow Is The New Black   10 comments

Aspen Loop To Wilderness RocksA Trumpet Duo — Image by kenne

No black Friday here!

Black can make a good background

For things of beauty.

— kenne


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