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Winter Sunset   1 comment

Winter Sunset DSC_1423 blogWinter Sunset To Help Cool The Soul On A Hot Summer Day — Image by kenne

Southern Arizona Winter Sunset   Leave a comment

Sunset On Blackett's Ridge blogWinter Sunset — Image by kenne

One Liners

The dream at the end of the day, sided by tall cactus.

A dream I go back to every four years.

Broken cycles gathering tomorrow’s dreams.

Darkness comes first beneath the mountains.

Layers of orange and indigo-blue dye above blackness.

Stars moving in over a clear sky left by thieves.

Fresh lemons squeeze in a glass of tequila.

Little dark shadows with wings flying above.

An empty glass left on the white wicker chair.

Thoughts of tomorrow’s first cup of coffee.

I turn on the iPod connected to the Bose.

She in Houston, I in Tucson — a text message alert.

Little things, the makings of dreams.

Fun facts, or fake news?

— kenne

Contemplating A Winter Sunset   1 comment

A Mountain Sunset (1 of 1)-3 B&W blog“Contemplating a Winter Sunset” — Image by kenne

Contemplating a winter sunset
over hot tea near the patio fire pit

Viewing the dramatic line between
light and darkness as perception fades

Nocturnal sounds move in
on night shadows

In search of solitude
placing the night in still-life.

— kenne

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