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Balanced Stones Photo-Artistry   4 comments

Stone BalancingBalanced Stones — Photo-Artistry by kenne



● relax
● don’t compete
● always respect nature
● be patient and you will get there
● be conscious, rocks can harm you and others
● go new ways, boost your creativity
● let go when its time to
● push your limits
● never give up
● enjoy the art




Stone Balancing — Feeling The Silent “Click”   2 comments

Stone BalancingArt Work by kenne

Like yoga, stone balancing requires patience, focus, and a deep stillness of the mind. We have several in our yard and on the patio. “In a very literal sense, it feels like creating a state of union with the environment.” – Michael Grab

Stone BalancingArt Work by kenne

Life is all about balance.
Stones connect when
They are balanced
With earth’s center
Through your body —
A silent “click.”

— kenne

Katelyn’s Zen Moment   4 comments

Janie & David VisitGranddaughter Katelyn’s Zen Moment (March 15, 2011) — Image by kenne

Four stones forming one
Sculptured in perfect balance
And  presence of mind.

— kenne

Stone Balancing — Meditation Art   Leave a comment

Stone Balancing — Meditation Art — Sculptures & Images by kenne

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Capturing the Moment — The Zen Moment   2 comments

Granddaughter, Katelyn — Image by kenne

Four stones forming one
Sculptured in perfect balance
And  presence of mind


Capturing the Moment — The Took of Olives   Leave a comment

The Took of Olives — Image by kenne

Placed at the base of our olive tree, the Took will funnel the spirit of spring to the olive blossoms about to open.


Stone Balancing On The Patio   3 comments

Image by kenne

Call it a Zen thing, call it therapeutic or call it just plain crazy, but I love balancing stones, even in 102 degree desert heat. I also did one alone Tanuri Drive for passers-by to see. There are plenty of stones around to balance.


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At The Moment . . .   2 comments

Stone Balancing — Image by kenne

At the Moment . . .

the mind is cluttered
not without clues,
in need of guidance.

the body is anxious
not without heart,
in need of strength.

the spirit is tired
not without passion,
in need of motivation.

the road to reality
not without dimension,
in need of definition.

the act of becoming
not without problems,
in need of hope.

the eye is naked
not without sight,
in search of vision.

the camera is still
not without frames,
in need of pictures.

the time is fleeting
not without space,
in search of reality.


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