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What Do You Call A Group Of Saguaros?   1 comment

Saguaros (1 of 1) blogA Group of Saguaros Under Nurse Trees. — Image by kenne

The previous posting (100 Year-Old Cliff Dwellershowed a photograph of a giant saguaro cactus all alone on a steep cliff. Its location was unusual, but given that most saguaros start life under a bush, i.e., a creosote, or a tree, i.e., palo verde and mesquite, making its existence very impressive. Equally impressive is locating a group of saguaros protected by both mesquite and palo verde trees, which begged the question, “What do you call a group of saguaros?” Tribe? Legion? Family? Thicket? Grove? Clump? Gang? Clan? Bunch? Band? Coterie? Whatever, even researching the question didn’t give us an answer. So, for now, you can choose. Given the Tohono O’odham Nation, or Desert People’s cultural connection to the saguaro, I choose “tribe.”


Capturing The Moment — Palo Verde Blossoms   Leave a comment

Palo Verde (1 of 1) blogPalo Verde Blossoms — Image by kenne

This yellow blossom

Blooming late in the season

Responding to rain.

— kenne

Palo Verde Yellow In A Black And White World   3 comments

“Palo Verde Yellow In A Black & White World” Image by kenne

Walking Down The Yellow-Tree Road   3 comments

Images by kenne

The Yellow-Tree Road


diminutive fires;


on green sticks (Palo Verde);


the desert a glow;


roads in a sea of yellow;


sweet winds;


desert naturalness;


the road less traveled.


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