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How The Turkey Vulture Saved The World   Leave a comment

Turkey Vultures (1 of 1)-4 Artblog framedAnother Sign Of Spring, Turkey Vultures Overnight by the Tanque Verde Wash — Computer Painting by kenne

“In the time of the ancients,
the sun moved close to the earth
making life unsustainable.
Where upon all animals gathered
to see what could be done,
deciding the sun had to be moved.
One by one attempts were made
to move the sun.

Some, like the fox,
used his mouth
to pull the sun away,
but it was so hot
and he had to stop,
leaving his mouth black
still to this day.

 Next, the opossum tried
moving the sun with his tail,
but he too had to stop,
for the sun was too hot,
leaving his tail bald
still to this day.

Seeing all this,
being the most powerful
and beautiful of birds,
the vulture feared the earth
would soon burn up.
So, she bravely placed her
head against the sun,
flying high into the heavens.

Even with her crown
of feathers burning,
she never stopped
until the sun was far away
and the earth was safe.

Now you know
how the vulture
saved the world
and lost her
magnificent feathers
still to this day.”

This is my telling of a native American myth.


Existence Is Color, Shades, Shapes, Form, Image and Meaning   5 comments


shapes in color
shapes in shades
form in shapes
image in form
meaning in image
meaning in existence


Plants May 15, 2008Video and Image by kenne

“The thing about Native American music that a lot of people don’t understand is the fact that it’s held in such high regard for their culture…while we live in a society where music is something that involves a lot of technology, they’re able to create something so significant in our world with very little materials.” — R. Carlos Nakai

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