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Purple Cactus In The Midst Of Solitude   5 comments

Jeri & Virginia VisitPurple Cactus Photo-Artistry by kenne

“Reading is that fruitful miracle of a communication in the midst of solitude.

— Marcel Proust

A Great Way To Stay Young   2 comments

Turner with 2nd graders 20150115_095711 blogMr. T with 2nd Grade Students In Sabino Canyon (January 15, 2015) — Image by Phil Bentley

A great way to stay young is to spend a morning with five second grade students in Sabino Canyon on your seventy-four birthday. Today’s program, titled “Back to the Past”, was about the Hohokum peoples of the Sonoran Desert that use to inhabit the Tucson basin hundreds of years ago — covering such topics as hunting, gathering, farming, water, shelter, art and sports.

At one point I was talking about how the Hohokum dug canals from rivers to grow crops. 

One of the students asked, “What’s a canal?”

To which I replied, “It’s like a ditch, channel through which water runs from the river to the crops.”

The little girl said, “Oh, like a TV channel?” — “Out of the mouths of babes!”

A boy told me how he liked the hike and going by the dam, but added:

“I really don’t like how we stopped every 20 seconds, but I had a great time.” (Think he was telling me that I talk too much?)

Another great day outdoors with nature talking about the past with the future.

“. . . that fruitful miracle of communication in the midst of solitude.”

— Marcel Proust


Forty Years Out — Jim Morrison “Come On Baby Light My Fire”   2 comments

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“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.”  — Jim Morrison of The Doors

1971, yes, that was the year. Forty years ago Jim Morrison was found dead in his bath. Forty years ago! A long time ago, but for some of us it seems like yesterday. He was buried four days later in Pere Lachaise in the company of literary greats such as Marcel Proust and Oscar Wilde. What is it about life that allows so much to come out of so little time?

Forty years after his death it is even more obvious that one of his quotes is so true: “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.”

“If my poetry aims to achieve anything, it’s to deliver people from the limited ways in which they see and feel.”


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