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White-winged Dove After The Rain   2 comments

White-winged Dove after the rain — Images by kenne

Outside, I watched her

moving in a nearby tree

after rains ended.

— kenne

Decorated Dove   1 comment

White-winged Dove (1 of 1) art blogDecorated Dove — Computer Painting by kenne

Decorated dove

Prancing around the fountain —

Love is in the air.

— kenne

Dove As A Symbol Of A Love One   1 comment

Dove Along The Tanque Verde Wash. — Image by kenne

A dove in a caring hand

must be held firmly,

but gently —

hold it too tight

it will die,

hold it too loose,

it will fly away.


Capturing the Moment — Dove on Cactus   Leave a comment

Image by kenne

Posted May 23, 2011 by kenneturner in Capturing the Moment, Photography

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