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Don’t Get A Stupid Driver Fine   4 comments

A Flash Flood From The Past (09/08/14) — Image by kenne

Where we live, flash floods 
are common during late summer,
but not this summer of little rain.

We live off of River Road,
a two-lane desert road
with low-water crossings.

Driving in a monsoon storm
requires extra vigilance in a
state with a stupid driver law.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Desert Flash Flooding   2 comments

Tanuri Ridge Wash (1 of 1)-10 blog

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3″ of Rain In The Last 24 Hrs Creates Flash Flood Conditions Near Our Home In The Catalina Foothills — Images by kenne

Flash Flood in Desert

The storm was intense
In mountains afar
Downpour and lightning;
The smell of wet char.

Rain fell for hours,
Soaked into ground deep
Tall pines and scrub oaks
Drank all they could keep.

Below, the desert
Five miles away
Some wind and few clouds
Were all for that day.

And then it cleared up;
Leaving just a breeze
The desert cooled
And appeared serene.

It’s fine, one might think –
Here on this dry ground;
That storm way up there
Died without a sound.

Then faintly one hears
An ominous sound:
Something like thunder
From deep in the ground.

Then hissing, snapping
And splashing come fore
A red wall of death
Carries all before

Branches and boulders
And tree trunks and mud
Carcasses tumble –
Some covered in blood.

Like banshees, dragons
And things best unsaid;
Shrieking and raging –
Sounds of growing dread.

It’s here and raging –
Can’t deny its force
Growling and roiling
And tearing its course.

It has no mercy
It’s massive and strong;
It eats then kills you
Your body long gone.

Tall cliffs and mesas
Are where you should stay
You can’t outrun it –
Stay out of its way.

So mark these words well:
Though the desert’s dry
The rain those hills
Can cause you to die.

Written by JustAGuy

Monsoon Rains Fill The Desert Washes And Rivers   3 comments

Tanque Verde Wash — Images by kenne

The monsoon has been pretty active the last few days, as a result the desert washes and rivers now have water in them — a brief experience in the desert southwest. Our community of Tanuri Ridge is located on the north side of the Tanque Verde wash, normally very dry, but not the last couple of days. There are trails along the wash where people walk and ride horses. This morning I went walking along the wash, which had some water. After afternoon rains I went back down to the wash with my camera and took the above photos (August 19, 2014). 




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