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Capturing The Moment — Cooper’s Hawks In Sabino Canyon   6 comments

Cooper's Hawk (1 of 1)-2 blog framedCooper’s Hawk In Sabino Canyon — Images by kenne

(Click on any of the tiled images to see larger view in a slideshow.)

Cooper’s hawk’s are nesting in the riparian area above Sabino Canyon dam, creating a lot of photo opportunities.


A Pair Of Doves Nesting In The Rafters   2 comments

A pair of mourning doves have built a nest in the community center rafters. Since nesting doves are easily bothered, causing them to abandon

 the nest, this location over the pool entrance seems a little unusual. However, I’m told that this general location has been used for years.

The female will build the nest from twigs, weeds and leaves gathered by the male. LIke this one, most nests are flimsy structures.
Each taking turns on the nest . . .

. . . while the other stands guard. There are usually two eggs in the nest, with the fledging appearing in about two weeks. Look for a nesting update.
— Images by kenne

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