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Gone to Seed (1 of 1) Art blogGone To Seed — Computer Art by kenne

Nature’s web of life

Continuing the cycle —

Universal truth.

— kenne

Gone With The Summer   1 comment

Red Bordered Satyr on a New Mexico Thistle Gone to Seed, (September 25, 2014)
— Image taken on Mt. Lemmon by kenne

Thistle gone to seed
Lost is the shade of purple
Gone with the summer.

Red-bordered satyr
On the colorless thistle
Looks without color.

— kenne

Design For Speed, Now Gone To Seed   1 comment

MMM Hikers Tucson Mountains 01-14-13

MMM Hikers Tucson Mountains 01-14-13

Images by kenne

Once designed for speed

Now used for target practice

This Chevy Nova.

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