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Large Boulders Along The Lemmon Rock Trail   1 comment

,Wilderness Rock (1 of 1) grange art blogLarge Boulders at Wilderness Rock on Mt. Lemmon — Grunge art by kenne

“I like to collect rocks. The history of the earth is there. Finer forms are in the quarry than ever Michelangelo evoked. I think it’s a quote from somewhere. As an old person, when I look at young people it charges me. Here, in effect, is a quarry. Something within this stone can be shaped. It’s in somebody’s imagination.”

David Brower, 79 (San Francisco, California)
— from “Coming of age – The Story of Our Century by Those Who’ve Lived It” by Studs Terkel

Hiking King Canyon Trail To Wasson Peak   3 comments

Wasson Peak Group (1 of 1) blog


Some images of the SCVN lead hike to Wasson Peak via King Canyon Trail, Hugh Norris Trail, Sendero Esperanza Trail, and Gould Mine Trail that took place last Friday (March 13, 2015). The trails form an eight mile loop with an elevation change 1,800 ft. from the King Canyon trailhead. Each year in March we schedule this hike because of the abundance of beautiful wildflowers in the Tucson Mountains.


Brittlebush (1 of 1)-2 blogImages by kenne

“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”
― David Brower

Capturing The Moment — Stansbury Cliffrose   1 comment

Stansbury Cliffrose (1 of 1) blogStansbury Cliffrose — Image by kenne

“I’m very fortunate to be working with young people.
That’s a big reason I haven’t burned out.
I keep getting recharged by these people. T
they’re somebody to pass the torch on to.
You don’t hold onto it, that’s no good.
You have to pass it on.”

— David Brower

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