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Revisiting Mt. Lemmon Wildflowers #7   1 comment

This summer, the Big Horn Fire caused so much damage to the National Forest
in the Santa Catalina Mountains remains closed to the public. Therefore,
hiking and photographing wildflowers in the Catalinas will not be in 2020,
which provides a good excuse to revisit some wildflower photos over the past ten summers.

Coulter Hibiscus Wildflowers — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Coulter’s Hibiscus (Desert Rose)   Leave a comment

Coulter's hibiscus Blossom (1 of 1) blogCoulter’s Hibiscus (Desert Rosemallow) Growing On A Rocky Slope Near The Sabino Canyon Dam — Image by kenne

Desert rose,
Unveil us the secret of life
As the only softness will survive when life is so hard
Soft as water, gentleness not easily broken, a lesson
The smell of you may call thousands souls back
Among of them most will care, a little will scare
You don’t cry when the evil hands break you a part
After all you lead them safe from lost
Brokenness they made,
But your fragrance lingering in hands
Haunting them back

Rare persona… in you desert rose
In the sandy ocean, you devote for better life,
Amazing grace based on your strongest will
Days without rain while the sun vapor the strength
Resistant but beauty even the land is burning thee
Root of hopes now stronger to find water deeper
True charisma, exist in you, desert rose

— from Desert Rose by Unknown Soul


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