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Entering A World Of Color   1 comment

two-tailed swallowtail butterfly art blogTwo-Tailed Swallowtail Butterfly Entering a World of Color — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Color possesses me.
I don’t have to pursue it.
It will possess me always, I know it.
That is the meaning of this happy hour:
Color and I are one.
I am a painter.

— Paul Klee

Purple Haze, Revisited   1 comment

Katelyn Birthday PartyPurple Haze (First Posted September 29, 2009) — Image by kenne

Purple Haze

About the time
I’m feeling high
I start acting funny
But don’t know why

Today becomes the day after today
Or is it the end of time
Only to be floating in
An ocean of deathless life

Feeling gratitude for God’s gift
Awaking the soul
Becoming void as I was
When I was not yet

“Turn from gazing after”
To kiss the sky
Devoid of all
Foreign images 

Only to be
Born again
From inside the outside
Looking in 

Jimi had a spell
On his brain
Purple in color
Inspired by a haze

Deluded by doubt
“Am I happy or in misery?”
To be answered not in the words
But the color of the font


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Suddenly It’s Spring   4 comments

Sweetwater Trail Wasson Peak

Suddenly it’s spring
Colors of winter
Turning into yesterday’s
Dark inner soul.

Suddenly it’s spring
Winter’s fading landscape
Exploding bright colors
Nature’s paint by numbers.

Suddenly it’s spring
Renewing old dreams
My wanderlust drifting
Opened to the sky.

Suddenly it’s spring
Nature’s voices sing
Awaken longing spirits
Laced with poetry.

Suddenly it’s spring
Tamed love burns
Attracted by fire colors
A virgin again.

Suddenly it’s spring
Fresh silky skin
Milk and honey
Luring new loves.

Suddenly it’s spring . . . again.


Sweetwater Trail Wasson PeakImages by kenne


What Have You Done For Color Today?   4 comments

“Kika Eyes” — Image by kenne

Posted January 17, 2012 by kenneturner in Photography

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