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Sabino Creek Colors Captured in a Snapshot   1 comment

Sabino Creek Alone Bluff Trail (1 of 1)-2 blog framedSabino Creek Colors Captured in a Snapshot  — Image by kenne

Green along the creek

Red in the mountain water

Blue celestial dome.

— kenne

Suddenly It’s Spring   4 comments

Sweetwater Trail Wasson Peak

Suddenly it’s spring
Colors of winter
Turning into yesterday’s
Dark inner soul.

Suddenly it’s spring
Winter’s fading landscape
Exploding bright colors
Nature’s paint by numbers.

Suddenly it’s spring
Renewing old dreams
My wanderlust drifting
Opened to the sky.

Suddenly it’s spring
Nature’s voices sing
Awaken longing spirits
Laced with poetry.

Suddenly it’s spring
Tamed love burns
Attracted by fire colors
A virgin again.

Suddenly it’s spring
Fresh silky skin
Milk and honey
Luring new loves.

Suddenly it’s spring . . . again.


Sweetwater Trail Wasson PeakImages by kenne


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