Sabino Canyon Panorama — Bluff Trail   Leave a comment

Blacketts 11-04-11Bluff Trail, Sabino Canyon Panorama (November 3, 2011) — Image by kenne

The Bluff trail is a short (.2 mile) easy hike from the Sabino Canyon creekside above the dam to the Canyon tram road. The trail winds down along the ridge west of lower canyon riparian area, a result of the stream running through the canyon.

“The stream is the mountain’s gift to the desert, but the mountain is a fickle gift-giver,” David Wentworth Lazaroff writes in his book, Sabino Canyon: The Life of a Southwestern Oasis. Calling the Sabino Creek a fickle gift-giver is a perfect metaphor for describing the flow variations from a daily surface flow to dry, created by an unpredictable desert climate. Still, the diversity of plant and animal live along the canyon stream is perfect for Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists to provide educational experiences for children and adults.

More often than not, when I’m in the canyon area, I have a camera. Over the last five years, I have produced many canyon panoramas. The above image was one of my early ones, created in Photoshop by merging three images, which is sometimes tricky since I’m usually not carrying a tripod to make alinement much easier.

— kenne

“For many Tucsonans the canyon is an old friend. Weare on a first-name basis. On a sunny weekend morning we say, simply, ‘Let’s go to Sabino.'”

— David Wentworth Lazaroff


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