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1972 Houston Skyline   Leave a comment

1972 Houston Skyline (Signed Print In My Office) — by Norman Baxter

The forgetting of the history of marginalized groups
is both a cause and effect of their marginalization.

— Susan Jacoby

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Americans   1 comment

Lake Powell (1 of 1)-B&W-72

Americans — Image by kenne

Americans are in serious intellectual trouble – in danger of losing our hard-won
cultural capital to a virulent mixture of anti-intellectualism, anti-rationalism
and low expectations.

— Susan Jacoby

Happiness Is What You Make Of Life   2 comments

Clouds (1 of 1)-3 blogClouds Over the Santa Catalina Mountains — Image by kenne

“Too many Americans have twisted the sensible right to pursue happiness into the delusion that we are entitled to a guarantee of happiness. If we don’t get exactly what we want, we assume someone must be violating our rights. We’re no longer willing to write off some of life’s disappointments to simple bad luck.”

— Susan Jacoby


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