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The Desert Spiny Lizard’s Cousin   3 comments

Mountain Spiny Lizard at Roger’s Rock In Madera Canyon, Santa Rita Mountains — Images by kenne
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For those of us who live near the Santa Catalina Mountains, Madera Canyon in the Santa Catalina Mountains is about an hour and twenty minutes drive. There are a lot of reasons to love the canyon, rated the third best birding destination in the United States. Yesterday, the Monday Morning Milers hiked one of the canyon’s many trails to Roger’s Rock where I have captured many vista photographs in the past and did the same yesterday. One of the things that made this hike different from past hikes was seeing the mountain spiny lizard captured in this posting. The colors of this guy were very prominent, sunning in the 6,500 feet elevation cool mountain air. I have learned that every hike, even on the same trail, has something new and impressive to see. 

— kenne

You’ve got to get out
and pray to the sky
to appreciate the sunshine;
otherwise you’re
just a lizard
standing there
with the sun shining on you.

— Ken Kesey

. . . He Almost Lost His Whole Head, Trying To Find A Little Piece Of Tail   Leave a comment

Spiny Lizard (1 of 1) blogDesert Spiny Lizard — Image by kenne

You know my mother told me the story,

About that spiny lizard that couldn’t see too well:

He was sunning on a rock,

When a coachwhip grabbed his tail

He turned around just to peep over the rock

And she said he almost lost his whole head,

Trying to find a little piece of tail

That’s why I’m going down, 

My nose is in the sand

A cloud of dust just came over me

And now I think I’m drowning on dry land

— kenne’s version of the Blues song “Drowning On Dry Land,” by Al Jackson, Jr.

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