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An Oldie But Goodie   1 comment

Patio Art (December 2005) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Pinwheel and windmill

Standing tall with the jade plant

In patio pot.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Pinwheel Eyes   3 comments

Chase (1 of 1) blog framedPinwheel Eyes (9/3/05) — Image by kenne

Boy with pinwheel eyes,

Cherubic smile as it spins,

Blown by its own wind.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Child With Pinwheel   2 comments

ChaseFlowerWindmillxxx“Child with Pinwheel” — Image by kenne


You’re the wind
And I’m the pinwheel
You like to see me spin
When I stop
You fix me up
Until I twirl again
I can’t help
The way I turn
The cycles that I take
But you’re a force
You’ve got a say
And sometime you say “break”
Now it’s clear
For me to function
I need but one gust
So tell me why
I’m on this shelf
Just collecting dust.

— Kaitlyn (Hello Poetry)

The Pinwheel, Green Jade and Rusty Blues   10 comments

Pinwheel Art blogPinwheel Rainbows — Image by kenne

The Pinwheel, Green Jade and Rusty Blues

My rainbow colors,
spinning in the breeze
where I stand
shoulder to shoulder,

with Green Jade in his pot,
and Rusty, an old
barbwire-horseshoe windmill.

Then one winter,
my colors now fading,
Green Jade 
grew weak from the cold —
Rusty and I stood our ground
hoping Green Jade’s strength
would return
 in the spring.

Year after year
we hoped against hope,
I having lost all my color,
and Rusty, well,
becoming rustier,
as we continued to shared
Green Jade’s pot.

After a while,
the hurricane winds
blew in from the coast —
the strong winds were
more than Rusty could stand,

now he lies restfully
at my feet.

My spinning, having,
taken on a wabbly gait,
slowly weakening my pin —
when one day a gust of wind
blow off my wheel,
leaving only a stick
standing alone
in Green Jade’s pot,

with Rusty at my feet.

  — kenne

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