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Lichens, Lime Green Growths On Rocks   5 comments

Lichen (1 of 1) blogLichens on rocks along the Wasson Peak trail. — Image by kenne

“Lichen is a composite organism consisting of a fungus (the mycobiont) and a photosynthetic partner
(the photobiont or phycobiont) growing together in a symbiotic relationship. The photobiont is usually either a green alga
(commonly Trebouxia) or cyanobacterium (commonly Nostoc).” 

When teaching children about lichen, Sabino Canyon Volunteer Nationalists (SCVN) share this short poem:

“Alice Algae took
a lichen
to Freddie Fungus,

but now
their relationship
is on the rocks.”

— kenne

Cochise Stronghold In Southeast Arizona   6 comments

Cochise Stronghold

Cochise Stronghold

Cochise Stronghold

Cochise StrongholdPanoramic Views of the Cochise Stronghold Area — Images by kenne

In 1968, my last post in the Army was  Fort Huachuca, in southeast Arizona. It was my first taste of southern Arizona and I loved it. 

In the short time we were here, we tried to take in as much of Arizona as possible, because my future was going back to college and who knows what after that.

One of the places I remember going to was Cochise Stronghold at the base of the Dragoon Mountains. This is high-desert area (about 5,000 feet) and generally very dry. The picture I still had in my mind was driving a “primitive” road  entering into a tree covered area near a creek. It was beautiful, but not much there to attract only the hardiest of hikes and campers. Still, it’s beauty was enough to maintain a “mind’s-eye” image all these years.

Now three years living on southern Arizona and this past Friday was my first opportunity to drive the seventy-plus miles from Tucson, and as is sometimes the case, my mind’s-eye had not falsely embellished the image — it’s still a beautiful place to visit and spend some time. Now the area has well-developed and maintained campgrounds with nature and interpretive trails and several hiking trails. The main trail was originally an Indian trail and is about 4 miles long one way.

There are also several displays with historical information. For fifteen years this rugged natural fortress area was home  for the famed Chiricahua Apache Chief, Cochise and about 1,000 of his followers. It also serve as an effective base of operations  for some 250 were warriors located here.  The towering pinnacles of rock were perfect lookouts for spotting enemies in the valley below.

Much more information can be obtained at

Click here to see a slideshow at my Flickr site.


Cochise StrongholdA lot of the boulders are covered with lichens. — Image by kenne

Rocks, Lichen and Algae   4 comments

Starpass Trail 2012

Starpass Trail 2012Lichen — Images by kenne

Lichen is a fungus that grows symbiotically with algae, resulting in a composite organism that characteristically forms a crust like or branching growth on rocks or tree trunks. It will be brown in color when it dries out, but with recent rain, gray, green and yellow color returns. When working with elementary school children in Sabino Canyon, the naturalists often use the following phase:

“Alice Algae took a lichen to Freddie Fungus,
but now their relationship is on the rocks”.



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