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Rocks, Lichen and Algae   4 comments

Starpass Trail 2012

Starpass Trail 2012Lichen — Images by kenne

Lichen is a fungus that grows symbiotically with algae, resulting in a composite organism that characteristically forms a crust like or branching growth on rocks or tree trunks. It will be brown in color when it dries out, but with recent rain, gray, green and yellow color returns. When working with elementary school children in Sabino Canyon, the naturalists often use the following phase:

“Alice Algae took a lichen to Freddie Fungus,
but now their relationship is on the rocks”.



Fungi — Creeping, Seeping, Spitting Spores   1 comment

Fungi Images Taken On Mount Lemmon by kenne


Creeping, seeping, spitting spores

Fungi link the forest’s floors

Living fountains, shifting webs,

Feed the living, eat the dead.

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Capturing The Moment — Pleasing Fungus Beetle   3 comments

Pleasing Fungus Beetle, Mt. Lemmon, Arizona — Image by kenne

The pleasing fungus beetle is very common on Mt. Lemmon, however the current very dry conditions in the mountain riparian areas are not ideal for these fungus loving insects.


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Capturing The Moment — Mushroom Bouquet   1 comment

“Mushroom Bouquet” — Image by kenne

Is there a fungus among us?

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