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House Wren — An Artistic Technique   Leave a comment

House Wren-0294 art blogHouse Wren — Grunge Art by kenne

“. . . an artistic technique is discipline in spontaneity and spontaneity in discipline.”

— Alan W. Watts


House Wren In Sabino Canyon   2 comments

winter-wren-0294-art-blogHouse Wren (Sabino Canyon, December 28, 2016) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

I search the desert terrain for music
Looking for morning songs
In the silence of the new day
When consensus rises, slips away.

Trails wind through spines and thorns
Scaled peaks below the broken clouds
A backdrop for right angle sunlight
Players begin to dance above and below.

Could this be the moment of surprise
Eyes sharp, keeping me alert,
Camera-ready to bear witness —
Will there be a drum roll?

Let’s say what happens is stop and go
Providing a brief moment of attention
Morning seeming to thaw 
Other eyes gaze uncertainly.

There is no bargaining with birds
Jumping from perch to new perch
I am left alone for the moment, still,
something good will come about.

— kenne


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