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Lonely Beetle On A Late Bloomer   3 comments

Hiking to Hutch's Pool (1 of 1)-15 blog

Lonely Beetle On A Late Bloomer — Image by kenne

If you are not sure what kind of bug it is,
just call it a beetle —

there are so many kinds.

A Fungus Blossom Attracts Pleasing Fungus Beetles   2 comments


Mushroom with Pleasing Fungus Beetles — Image by kenne

A Pleasing beetle

Is not a Lady beetle

Black on blue not red.



Mesquite Girdler — A Landscape Architect   4 comments

The Work of a Mesquite Girdler — Image by kenne

This image is almost identical to one on Ann Green’s blog, Sabino Canyon, taken by naturalist Bob Wenwick, which is not surprising since we were on the same nature walk yesterday. Ned Harris probably has an identical image. It was naturalist Fred Heath that spotted the work of the mesquite girdler on the Bluff Trail above Sabino Creek.

This small beetle plays a big role in shaping the landscape, and being new to the desert, this is what I have learned from my naturalist friends — the female beetle chew a deep groove around the diameter of a mesquite stem, and the resulting girdle kills the stem beyond the groove, where she will lay an egg. The larval offspring bore into the dead wood. Thus, this little beetle effectively prunes mesquite trees helping shape the desert landscape — probably more than you ever wanted to know. What else would you expect from a convert!


Hutch’s Pool, Part 3 — Flowers, Insects & Spiders Along The Trail   2 comments

Desert Broom Weed In Sabino Basin Along The Trail To Hutch’s Pool  — Image

Beetle On Camphorweed Wildflower — Image by kenne

A Sulphur Butterfly (best guess) on a Camphorweed Wildflower — image by kenne

Honey Bee on Camphorweed Wildflower — Image by kenne

Honey Bee on Camphorweed Wildflower — Image by kenne

Horse Labber Grasshopper — Image by kenne

Horse Labber Grasshopper — Image by kenne

Beetle (not sure about specific type) On Camphorweed Wildflower — Image by kenne

 Unknown Spider (to me) On Rock In Sabino Creek — Image by kenne

Trying to name some of these insects and spiders can be a real challenge for this novice naturalist. Input is very welcomed. Most of the images were taken in Sabino Basin near Sabino Creek, November 18, 2011.


Sabino Creek In Sabino Basin Below Hutch’s Pool — Image by kenne

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