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Pyrrhuloxia On A Hot Day At The Feeder   2 comments

Pyrrhuloxia On A Hot Day At The Feeder — Images by kenne

Dapper in looks and cheerful in song, the Pyrrhuloxia or desert cardinal is a tough-as-nails songbird

of baking hot deserts in the American Southwest and northern Mexico. — Source:

Pyrrhuloxia At Our Patio Fountain   3 comments

We haven’t seen too many Pyrrhuoxias coming to the feeder and fountain this summer,

but this guy is interested in cooling off from our triple-digit temperatures here in Tucson.

This Pyrrhuoxia looks like an immature male because of the dark bill. Adults have a yellow bill.

— kenne

Pyrrhuloxia (July 17, 2022) — Images by kenne

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