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A Plash Of Color Is The Name Of The Game   2 comments

Aspen Loop July 2013“A Plash of Color Is the Name of the Game” (Pepsis Wasp) — Image by kenne

Truly great photographs combine sensitive composition with a fundamental understanding of light, shape, form, and if you like, a plash of color.

Capturing The Moment — Thistle Wooers On Mount Lemmon   2 comments

Images by kenne

Thistles attract bees

Sometimes tarantula hawks

Whatever it takes.


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Capturing The Moment — Cleared For Landing   1 comment

Tarantula Hawk with Another One Moving Too Fast For The Shutter Speed Setting. — Image by kenne

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Capturing The Moment — Tarantula Hawk   2 comments

Tarantula Hawk — Image by kenne

This blue-black body wasp with bright rust-colored wings was spotted today atop a giant saguaro cactus on the Brown Mountain Trail, but no sign of tarantula’s. Not sure what he was doing way up there.


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