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Western Diamondback — Tis The Season   1 comment

Brown Mountain

Brown MountainWestern Diamondback — Images by kenne

They can be found alone
the trail curled in the shade
of a nearby boulder.

The trouble is you may not see them
but not to worry, you will be
warned by their rattles, so they say.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Tarantula Hawk   2 comments

Tarantula Hawk — Image by kenne

This blue-black body wasp with bright rust-colored wings was spotted today atop a giant saguaro cactus on the Brown Mountain Trail, but no sign of tarantula’s. Not sure what he was doing way up there.


Capturing The Moment — Western Diamondback   5 comments

 Today we were hiking in the Brown Mountain area of the Tucson Mountains. This is the first rattlesnake I’ve seen in almost two years of hiking in the Sonoran Desert. Relatively speaking, this western rattlesnake is a little guy. As you can see, he blinds in nicely to the environment, which might explain why he was almost stepped on by some fellow hikers before creating a lot of commotion. By the time I got closer for these photos, he was coiled and making a lot of noise — the loudest I’ve ever heard from a rattlesnake. He was not happy with our being in his territory. I’m more familiar with darker rattlers in the southeastern U.S.


 Western Diamondback Rattlesnake — Images by kenne

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