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Hiking From Marshall Gulch Up To Marshall Saddle On To Wilderness Rocks Trail   1 comment

Recent storms on the mountain downed this old ponderosa or Arizona pine (not sure which, if either). Image by kenne

Last Friday, we were hiking with the Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists (SCVN) from Marshall Gulch up to Marshall Saddle on to Wilderness Rocks. This particular hike took place after an early morning shower, with temps in the upper 50’s. The high humidity made it feel like we were hiking in the great northwest, not in southeast Arizona just 45 minutes north of  Tucson. Recent rains  have given life to the mountain streams and brought on many beautiful wildflowers — a great place for naturalists. This time of year, the mountain provides a great hiking escape from the summer desert.


(Flickr Slideshow)

Photos and video by kenne

Capturing the Moment — Barnum Rock   7 comments

Barnum Rock — Image by kenne (Photo Set) 

Last friday, lead my naturalist Edi Moore, we started our hike from Palisades on Mt. Lemmon. We hike to the top of the trail, turning right to Incinerator Ridge. (The overlook was where Summerhaven dumped their garbage years ago.)   We again turned right at Leopold Point or as some call it Peck Basin Overlook and hiked to Barnum Rock. The hike provided many picturesque views of the San Pedro Valley below.

The weather was great, providing plenty of photo opts. (Click on Photo Set above to see a slideshow.)


Ski Valley, Mt. Lemmon, July, 2011   Leave a comment

Ski Valley, Mt. Lemmon, July, 2011 — Images by kenne



Mountain Grassy Knoll Helps Build Back Burned Area   Leave a comment

Image by kenne

This area on Mt. Lemmon in the Santa Catalina Mountains received forest damage from the 2003 Alpine wildfire. The natural process for rebuilding the forest is being claim by more aggressive growth plant, which offer a nurturing base for the future forest. 

I share the following poem from the blog, “Lyric’s Place” with this image. Readers are encouraged to visit this quality poetry site and share it with their friends. — Poets around the globe are using Internet blogging to share their poetry with much success and site views are on the increase because of networking.


By lyricsplace

staring at a grassy knoll
speckled with young trees,
i sit.
sun beating down upon me
as birds shriek, cry, sing, swoop.
squirrels scurry through the
wild grass,
carefully pulling strands apart
in search of food.

my eyes see this.
my mind processes this.
but my heart.
oh my heart.
my heart struggles
like the cardinals forever
fighting at the bottom of this
grassy knoll.

an owl calls from the next cluster of trees.
the “hoo hoo”
only brings tears to my eyes
and a weight to my chest
as i think only to answer with
“you you.”

fresh air surrounds me
yet i cannot partake.
unable to smile,
unable to move,
so i sit.
in the midst of paradise,

aching for one more word
one more echo of your voice,
vestiges i know
i must let go
but things with which my
shattered heart
has sewn itself shut.

you found the hidden passages
of my heart,
hidden passages long ago
lit them with your torch,
now they still shine brightly.
the entrance crumbled
without warning,
but the heat emanating
from within
rivals that of the sun.
it burns within my chest.
tears will not extinguish the
flames burning inside.
neither does inducing an anaerobic state.

with a burning chest,
a lost mind,
and a body yearning
for your touch,
i sit,
in the midst of paradise,
with vestiges of love
now trapped forever
behind a
landslide of molten rocks.

– – by lyricsplace



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Hiking Up Turkey Run In Summerhaven on Mt. Lemmon   10 comments

Gathering outside the Mount Lemmon Community Center for a hike up Turkey Run & other roads on Mount Lemmon — Image by kenne

An article in Saturday’s Arizona Daily Star began, “Hikers — barred from their favorite high mountain trails because of extreme fire danger — are not about to pull off their boots and backpacks and stay home.”

It’s all about finding alternatives, which is exactly what the groups I hike with have done. Twice a week, we carpool the 25-plus miles to Summerhaven on Mount Lemmon to hike/walk the non-national forest roads on the mountaintop. Although not as secluded and adventurous as the trails, there’s still plenty to see with the help of experienced hikers and naturalist in our groups.

Yesterday we hiked up Turkey Run, starting at the intersection of Turkey Run and Sabino Canyon Park, to other roads nearing the top of the ski-lift area. The following video is of still shots I took. You can also see the individual photos by clicking here.


Summerhaven — Taking It To The Streets   8 comments

Jasmine the Donkey –Images by kenne

Summer hiking has now become a matter of “taking it to the streets,” the Summerhaven streets, that is. Since the Coronado National Forest is closed till we start getting  rain, some of us are driving to Summerhaven on Mt. Lemmon and walking the streets of this mountain community. We arrive on the mountain about 7:45 a.m., with temps in the low 60’s, returning to 100 degree temps in Tucson around 11:00 a.m. Not a bad life!

Before the 2003 wildfire, Summerhaven was a community of over 450 homes and businesses. The fire destroyed over 300 homes/businesses. Since then, about a quarter of the homes have been rebuilt. Like the return of the forest, rebuilding has been a slow process. Still, there is much to see just by walking the streets, plus walking the two miles up to Ski Valley.  Click here to see a Flickr photo set.


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