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Study Bookshelf — “I cannot live without books.”   2 comments

Book Shelf-2-art-blog.jpgStudy Bookshelf — “I cannot live with books.” Photo-Artistry by kenne

Son of a reader
I grew up a non-reader
Just a “slow bloomer.”

A high achiever
Branded as low potential
In school early on.

As a survivor
Libraries became my home
Learning about self.

— kenne

Self — A Poem And Image   1 comment

Bernhardt Winery Ezra Charles 5-31-09“Self” — Image by kenne


Turned around
Here am I
Knowing how
Not the why.

Young in heart
Old in age
Feeling the itch
Pacing the cage.

Inner peace
Knowing the thou
Learning to write
Thesis of now.

Turned around
Found love
Living the moment
Free as a dove.

Still learning
When to talk
Listening for
Beat of the walk.

Reality is now
Truth in the heart
Singing the knowledge
Requiem to smart.

Turned around,
Found beauty in art
Traveling the future
With Dylan and Descartes.

— kenne


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“We Are Nature”   Leave a comment

Lower Butterfly Trail to Leopold Point July 2013

“We often forget that we are nature.
Nature is not something separate from us.
So when we say that we have lost
our connection to nature,
we’ve lost our connection to ourselves.”
— Andy Goldsworthy

Lower Butterfly Trail to Leopold Point July 2013Images by kenne

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