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Chaparral Broomrape   3 comments

Chaparral Broomrape-72Chaparral Broomrape — Image by kenne

Chaparral broomrape is a parasite growing attached to the roots of shrubs, usually chamise. This plant arises from a thick root and a bulbous, twisted, scaly stem base, and grows erect to a maximum height near 30 centimeters. As a parasite taking its nutrients from a host plant, it lacks leaves and chlorophyll. It is dark purple to nearly black in color, with tiny whitish bumps bearing hairs.


Desert Broomrape   1 comment

Desert Broomrape (Orobanche cooperi),
also known as Cooper’s broomrape, spike broomrape, and burroweed strangler.
Because the Desert Broomrape lacks leaves and chlorophyll,
it gets its nutrients from a host plant and is therefore a parasite. 

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