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Curls Or Clouds? I Create, Therefore I Think! Let’s All Be Kids Forever   2 comments

Kate'sDrawing 0001 blog“Curls or Clouds?” — Image by daughter Katie when she was six.

child-drawing_custom-1fe8bd0f68eb05c8781bdb2a4d894c8653be0ae0-s40-c85“At age 4, many young children are just beginning to explore their artistic style.”
From NPR, “What Kids’ Drawings Say About Their Future Thinking Skills”

Nick's Face ArtArt by grandson Nick when he was six — Image by kenne

“These early works may be good for more than decorating your refrigerator and cubicle, researchers say.
There appears to be an association, though a modest one, between how a child draws at 4 and her thinking skills at 14,
according to a study published in the journal Psychological Science.”

Let’s all be kid’s forever!


Unleashed — Edilio Ciclostile Makes My Day!   1 comment

Things that make my day:





Here’s a video that delivers all!

A tip of the hat to Citizen Cope!

For more,

check out Edilio Ciclostile’s blog.


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