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A Spoken Word Event   Leave a comment

SlamWinner IIIorg grunge art-B&W-72A Spoken Word Event (04/24/04) — Image by kenne

“People don’t choose dreams. Dreams chose them. So the question I’m getting to is,
do you have the courage to grab the dream that picked you?
That befits you and grips you?”

— Prince Ea

A Good Year For Spiders   4 comments

A Good Year for Spiders-Edit-2-blogA Good Year For Spiders — Photo-Artistry by kenne


There’s a spider.
A good year for spiders
Or so and so seems,
Incessantly weaving
Such gossamer schemes.
Should make one wonder
What blueprint within
Instinctively causes
The spider to spend?
Look, look how lovely
The glim to the sun
Is gracing with highlights
The web being spun.
Dear god of all spiders
Please hear this small prayer,
Is spidery heaven
One infinite snear?
Will, there be gravity
So food will fall by?
Have you ever tasted
A bluebottle fly?
Never had scorpion
Do they have a god?
Tics you might fancy
The flavor is odd.
But not quite as odd
As gregarious nats
Who fly into trouble
When ravaness bats,
Senses all heightened
Go Dracula stark
And quick eat up tasty
Lost nats in the dark.
I wonder if spiders
would like eating mites,
Those juicy small monsters
Who louse up the night
Of asthmatic sleepers
Allergic to waste.
Spiders might like mites
and get used to the taste.
Spiders do what they must
In spidering nets,
Intrinsic insiders
Who cover all bets
With polymer silver
That they gossamer spend
And wait, and wait
For some dinner
That soon may drop in.
Yea, a good year for spiders.

Wonder if spiders
Ever get the blues,
Do yous?

— Ken Nordine



When People Call A Human Being, “It”   Leave a comment

 “. . . they wanna paint you the color of smashed hymens.” Holy shit.”

Poet Kavindu “Kavi” Ade performing a spoken-word piece called “IT” at the Brave New Voices 2010. This poem deals with gender identity and anti-trans hate, and watching Ade perform is an intense, emotional experience. (WARNING! Some may find this passion offensive.)




Gil Scott-Heron — “A junkie walking through the twilight”   1 comment

Gil Scott-Heron (1949-2011) – Source:

 “a genius and a junkie.”
. . . more.

. . . at least he lived 62 years. I love this man of feeling, his words his soulful voice!


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