Great Blue Visited Nextdoor   4 comments

Great Blue Heron Visited A Neighbor’s House — Image by kenne

Although one might not expect to see a Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) in the Sonoran Desert, they have an extensive range
and occur throughout much of North and Central America wherever there is water. If you happen to have a koi or goldfish pond
in your backyard, you may be visited by a heron.

— kenne

4 responses to “Great Blue Visited Nextdoor

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  1. he’s beautiful

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  2. I didn’t realize they would be seen in the desert. Wow! A bit of Texas for you. Mary and Kenneth

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  3. Despite the ice, snow and freezing temps a great blue heron still fishes at a nearby pond. Amazed to see him stoically braving the winters in Ohio. At a former home in a different neighborhood a heron would roost in a tree in my backyard. Berating be me quite vocally when I came out my back door. Such charming creatures …hah!

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  4. “If you happen to have” might be better worded to “if you had” ha


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