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Variegated Fritillary Butterfly with Rough Edges   Leave a comment

Variegated Fritillary Butterfly — Image by kenne

The edges are rough

Fluidity in motion

Good but not perfect.

— kenne

Ragged Edges   1 comment

Variegated Fritillary-Edit-1-blogRagged Edges (Variegated Fritillary Butterfly) — Image by kenne

Ragged Edges

Butterflies attract
Attention to their beauty
Even when ragged.

The ragged edges
Are lost to the beholder —
Beauty is lasting.

Knowing what it is
Can cover reality
So to please the eye.

— kenne


Variegated Fritillary Butterfly   2 comments

SCVN Nature Walk 08-15-12, Marshall GulchVariegated Fritillary Butterfly — Image by kenne

Wonder — is not precisely Knowing
And not precisely Knowing not — 
A beautiful but bleak condition
He has not lived who has not felt —

— Emily Dickinson

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