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Sleepy Orange & Dainty Sulphur Butterflies   Leave a comment

Sleepy Orange & Dainty Sulphur Butterflies On Narrow-leaf Aster Wildflowers (Santa Catalina Mountains) — Image by kenne

“And anyway, what is the difference between self-knowledge and self-obsession?
One encourages a defeat of the ego, the other encourages a feeding of the ego.
One a deeper experience of connection to ourselves, which enables a more 
nourishing connection to others. The other, disdain for the deeper needs of the self,
which leads to disdain of others.”

— from On Connection by Kae Tempest

Capturing The Moment — Two Butterflies, Two Asters   Leave a comment

Hiking trails

dusty and dry,

as are plants

along their path.


wrinkled or cracked

exhibiting new personalities,

making more obvious

narrow-leaf asters  

in a dry

and rocky canyon area —

butterflies take advantage

of late fall nectar.


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