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Remembering Mike Durbin   3 comments

Mike Durbin Talking To Blues Friends (Ken & Mary’s Blues Project, May 2017) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

The Blues Project

They called it a project,
a Blues Project, but really,
it was a party — 
a party for
family and friends 
to share
happy times, 
talk about living life,
and a love for good old blues music.

Once this party began
there would be no stopping it,
even when forced undercover
of rain,
friends laugh and
about déjà vu the  
evening had become.

Just sitting on the front porch
doing that front porch thing
telling stories now embellished
by all the good times dancing
and singing the night away
in the woods off Old Houston Road.

The Blues Project may be over
so listen, the night will lead you
to the music, the stories told,
and smile one more time
for each house concert was just a
for what our tomorrow’s will bring.

— kenne

Kenneth Harris shares the story of how Ken & Mary’s Blues Project came about. (May 20, 2017)

Friends of The Blues   1 comment

Friends of The Blues, Mike Durbin and Kenneth Harris (November 14, 2009) — Image by kenne

Mike Durbin, the lead in the Moe Hansum Band past away a couple of weeks ago from ALS.
We are all still in shock.

— kenne

“Well it’s bad news from Houston, Half my friends are dying. ”    Leave a comment

Mr. V (James Vaughn) of Mr. & Mrs. V on Houston’s 90.1, KPFT — HDR Image by kenne

Mike Durbin of the Moe Hansum Band — Image by kenne

The Houston Blues community is feeling the pain. Two of the communities well known personallities past away this past week. To hornor the memory of these Houston friends, I’m sharing a Diunna Greenleaf video I posted several years ago — Growing Up and Growing Old in the Fellowship of Family and Friends.

— kenne

Capturing the Moment — Sonny Boy Terry & Mike Durbin   1 comment

Sonny Boy Terry & Mike Durbin at The Corner Pub, Conroe, Texas, April 14, 2007 — Image by kenne

Ken Harris’ Birthday Party Video   2 comments

I finally have edited several clips into one video of Sonny Boy Terry, Rich DelGrosso & Mike Durbin’s acoustic blues, recorded at Ken’s birthday party, November 8th.  I keep learning to do this video thing and may learn to use more light in the future.  At least it’s authentic!


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