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We Call Him Luke   Leave a comment

Male Phainopepla — Image by kenne

Naturalists in Sabino Canyon have been photographing a partial albino phainopepla for at least eight years.
He is known by the name “Luke” for leucistic, a condition in which there is partial loss of pigmentation in an animal.

— kenne

Luke, The Leucistic Male Phainopepla   Leave a comment

Luke --2 framed painting blogLuke, The Leucistic Male Phaninopepla — Computer Painting by kenne

People who visit Sabino Canyon and go on “Ned and Friends Nature Walks” know about “Luke,” (Click here to see Ned’s photo of Luke) the leucistic male phaninopepla with it white crest gracing his shiny black body.


Image by Marty Horowitz


He’s a striking bird,
Looking like a black cardinal,
“A bird black as the sun.”

What did you say he’s called?
Luke the phaninopepla!
This bird an’t no fable.

With his red eyes
and slender white crest
courting her with berries.

Protecting his territory
alone the trail of hearts
birders sing his song.

— kenne

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