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A Flashback Moment — Ten Years Out   1 comment

Joy&Katelyn6.20.04 blogJoy and Katelyn (06/20/04) — Image by kenne


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Katelyn Spends The 4th Of July Holiday In Tucson   4 comments

Katelyn & Dave (1 of 1)-10 Art blog framed

Images by kenne (Click on any of the tiled imaged to see larger view in a slideshow format.)

Granddaughter Katelyn and son Kenne David left this morning, returning to Houston after four-plus days here in Tucson. This was their second visit after three years. We made an effort to do as much as possible in the desert summer and the beginning of the monsoon season, which began while they were here.

Photos of Katelyn and poetry about her have been part of several posting over the last ten years — she will be eleven this September. Here’s one of the poems:

The Eyes Tell You

Little girls have a mysterious power,
But not all can feel it – when she does,
You can see it in her eyes.

As she matures, she is driven
To climb the tower of perfection,
Always resisting her own indifference.

Her enigmatic power is needed
To stir the artist inside,
To triumph over the unenlightened.

In her own way, she will find something new,
Something never before encountered
Placing art in a world void of feeling.

Inventive, she will act,
Sometimes seeking out failure
In order to turn it into a triumph.

Once her power is transformed
By the magical virtue of art,
Loving and understanding becomes simpler.

# # # # #

Now that they return home, I ponder —

Children and grandchildren

are the beautiful mysteries

that drive our emotions 

stirring each moment we share,

not knowing if the same emotions

transcend each communication in the moment,

ending in emotional question marks.


Capturing The Moment — Kate And James Snapshot   7 comments

Kate and James-8427 blogGrandchildren Katelyn and James — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Mother & Child   2 comments

Mother & Child — Image by kenne

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Variations On A Theme — Creating the Moment — Kenne David & Katelyn   Leave a comment

Kenne David & Katelyn — Image by kenne

Two moments,
captured in time
each a generation apart
father and daughter
creating a new reality
a moment in time


Creating the Moment — Kenne David & Katelyn   1 comment

Kenne David Turner & Daughter Katelyn — Image by kenne

Two moments, captured in time
each a generation apart;
one of son, Kenne David,
the other of his daughter, Katelyn,
creating a new moment in time.


Katelyn, David & The Girls at Windy Point Vista   2 comments

Katelyn — Image by kenne (Click here to see Flickr photo set.)

David & The Girls at Windy Point Vista

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