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HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2017!   3 comments

tucson-sunset-blog Image by kenne

On this New Year’s day, taking notes from D. H. Lawrence.’s Fantasia of the Unconscious, I penned the following, with apologies to Lawrence:

New Year’s day,
Sunday at home

a light winter rain
refreshes the desert,

I ponder my mind,
psyche and soul,

whose trinity form
the powers of my

whole being
together speaking

in one voice, which
I can never deny.

When at last,
in all life’s storms,

my whole self speaks,
only to pause,

collecting itself into
pure silence and isolation –

perhaps after much pain,
the mind suspends

its knowledge, and waits.
It is then the psyche becomes

strangely still,
and after a pause,

there is a fresh beginning,
a new life adjustment

pushing a deep sigh
through every pore

fading into a mist —
a sense of mystery.

— kenne

The Last Sunset Of 2015   5 comments

Last Sunset (1 of 1)-2 blogThe Last Sunset of 2015, Tucson, Arizona — Image by kenne


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New Years In A Timeless Reality   Leave a comment

The calendar date is December 31st
the day when time comes to an end,
(This is not a doomsday scenario,
in fact, just the opposite.)
but what time is it? Can we see it?

An answer might be, “Beats me!”
if we didn’t know the number ticks
of our clocks between when they start
and when they end –
“a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

At the end of the day,
we celebrate the end of time
by retiring one clock
and starting a new one,
which is easy to do when
time exists only in a timeless reality.

Not one to “do unto Caesar,”
we chose to end time on the 29th
gaming at the Casino Del Sol.

Now in our second day of renewal,
having a head start
on our dos and don’ts list
as the clock ticks away time
in a new reality that is timeless.


(Images by kenne at the Casino Del Sol in Tucson, Arizona)

Capturing the Moment – HAPPY NEW YEAR!   Leave a comment

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Joy and Kenne

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