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Cholla Forest Below Panther Peak   Leave a comment

Pather Peak Cholla Forest Panorama (1 of 1) blogCholla Forest Below Panther Peak — Panorama Image by kenne

Light shines in darkness.

Frontiers open to fresh vistas.

Love follows hard upon enmity.

From what is hidden comes revelation.

— from The Timeless Myths, by Alexander Eliot

 We have been gone from Tucson (in Houston and New Orleans) since December 23rd and only one day of sun, Christmas Day. Now delayed by icy west Texas roads, we are leaving this morning. Here’s a link to photos of a rare snow fall in Tucson yesterday.


Cholla Forest In The Sonoran Desert   4 comments

Panther Pear Hike-Panorama blog FramedCholla Forest at the Base of Panther Peak in the Tucson Mountains — Panorama Image by kenne

Sonoran Desert
by Tara Trewinnard-Boyle

How lucky am I? I have found my home!
In the place of dust and rock where the lizards run,
Where hot winds whip and the sun sears through a lapis colored sky.
Where Saguaros march uninhibited across the arid land.
Miles and miles of emptiness: freedom.

This is the place where Mother Nature still shows her true beauty.
Wild and uncompromising, she cuts me down to my rightful size.
Teaching me to live without; demand less; appreciate more.
Silently reminding me that the race is of my own making.
I can be free.

I have found my home. Not the home I was born to but where I belong.
The ache of leaving weighs heavy in my heart.
But today I can carry with me a gift, humbly offered to all who seek.
The desert is more than a place; it is a state of mind.
It is life and death, land and sky, struggle and freedom.

Slow! Your frantic pace does not matter here.
Breathe and be grounded in your humanness.
Be still and find your small place in this vast world.
You belong, just as you are. In the silence you can find peace.
This is the gift of the desert; for which I am eternally grateful.

Cholla Forest   1 comment

A Cholla Forest On The Trail To Panther Peak In The Tucson Mountains — Image by kenne

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