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Hawkeye   Leave a comment

Cooper's Hawk-72Cooper’s Hawk — Image by kenne

When it comes to birds of prey,
the eyes have it.
You may not always see them
perch on a nearby limb
but they will always
have an eye on you.

— kenne

Getting The Old Eagle Eye   15 comments

Sea Eagle In The La Pinta Estuary Area — Images by kenne

Give Me The Eagle Eye — I Want It!

The large birds of prey

are a joy to watch

soaring above

with their high density

pixel eyes

focused on small prey

a hundred meters below.

Only if I had eagle eyes,

trading my 20/20 eyes

for 20/5 vision

each placed on the

side of my head

 with a 340-degree visual field  —

imagine the cool look!

— kenne

Here’s a video of an eagle eye view of the world.

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